Osakana Eco Tawashi ( acrylic scrub pad )

Made in Oshika Peninsula, Miyagi Japan 

* "Osakana" means "fish "in Japanese 


The Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011
completely destroyed communities including Ayukawa , Kugunarihama andKobuchihama located in the Oshika Peninsula which is included inIshinomaki city Miyagi prefecture Tohoku. As a result the communities were turned to huge mounds of debris . We woman in these communities have started to knit ecotawashis to make a step to restore our lives. Thetawashi is made of acrylic yarns incredibly long, thin pieces of plastic that wrapped together , so it absorbs grease well . Therefore , it can be used as a dish scrub pad which need little detergent . It also can be used for cleaning TV or PC displays. The tawashi are in fish shapes because of fishery is the main industry in our communities. As we carefully make thesetawashi, we are thinking of the users in their homes far away. When you use this, please think about of us too. We are getting on with our lives . ( all revenues from ecotawashis are being used for knitter's wedge and theecotawashi production operation costs )

♧ Transrated by Ayami Saga and Amanda Harlow 

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